Club History

The Roslyn Riders have the proud distinction of being listed on the Washington Heritage Register. Our club’s rich history is intimately linked to our roots in Roslyn, Washington.

In 1956, four local Roslyn-area families - the Beedles, the Griffins, the Reandeaus, and the Stogdells - decided to formalize their casual horse riding group (begun 1954) into an incorporated club that they named the “Roslyn Riders”. The club was founded with a mission to “promote the association of horsemen and horsewomen desiring to advance the interest of good horsemanship and support youth interest in horsemanship”. There were 86 members that first year.

The new club hosted their monthly meetings on a 4.5-acre plot of land owned by the Northern Pacific Railway. These grounds were continuously leased until the club purchased the land outright in 2001. In this manner, the Roslyn Riders have occupied the grounds at 70 Martin Road since the club’s inception.

The clubhouse

The iconic white clubhouse arrived on the scene in 1958. The building, which began its life as a house, was originally located on the Emereck Estate at 2nd and Wyoming in downtown Roslyn; in 1958, the club purchased the building for $150 and transported it to the current location. In the years following its relocation, the clubhouse has received generously donated upgrades which have allowed it to continuously house club gatherings in modern comfort while still retaining its historical attributes.

The Craftsman-style building still boasts many historic features, including the original double-hung windows. This iconic clubhouse - visible to visitors and residents alike as they drive on Highway 903 - has been a symbol of the club’s presence in Upper County for over 60 years.

As time went on, the Roslyn Riders continued to grow their ranks and gather new membership. Adults and children alike enjoyed the camaraderie and events afforded by the club, and many gatherings were held on the open and unfenced club grounds.

In 1963, the Roslyn Riders started construction on an arena and track adjacent to the clubhouse; these have since hosted innumerable clinics, playdates, gaming events, and other equestrian activities. The arena grounds continue to serve as the starting point of the ever-popular annual Memorial Weekend Poker Ride.

An early open-air competition

More than half a century has passed since the founding of the Roslyn Riders, and the landscape of Upper County has seen many changes in the time between the inception of the Riders and today. In 2007, the importance of the Rider’s property was recognized, and the the clubhouse, track, and arena were accepted on the Washington Heritage Register (#675499) as a historically significant “cultural landscape”.

Although much has changed in the last 60+ years, the principles and mission which united the four original families are still practiced today. Attending any meeting or event will let you know that that the Roslyn Riders still proudly embody the spirit of their slogan: “Recreation: Western Style!